Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo We are offering you a chance to be involved with our Perth Zoo Corporate Membership.

As a client of Andy's we are excited to offer you a FREE day pass to the Perth Zoo for up to 4 people, children or adults any day of the week including weekends and public holidays from June 1st 2010 through to May 31st 2011.

Follow these easy steps to book your free day out to Perth Zoo.

  1. Click on the Perth Zoo Calender & Timetable to see what days are available. This includes any weekends or public holidays for a whole year!
  2. E-mail Andy on and state your chosen date you would like to go to the zoo.
  3. Andy will e-mail you back with confirmation of the date and the password.
  4. Simply turn up on the day and give the password and your surname to the cashier and you are your family will have a full day out on us at Perth Zoo!

For more info about our new and exciting Perth Zoo Corporate Membership click here

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